Some of the most incredible Mt. Biking trails in the whole Midwest are right here at Big Rock Creek Resort.

Our featured 20+K wooded mountain bike trail system is extremely versatile and very similar to the Birkie trail.


The Mt. biking trails are more like two single track trails running side by side. Though well maintained and marked there still plenty rugged and challenging.


The experienced Mt. Bikers looking for “that extreme ride” will find it on the perimeter trail. Though scenic and beautiful it presents the most rugged and diverse terrain of all the available trails. The miles of challenging hills and turns provide the fix a die hard adrenaline junkie craves.


From families to enthusiasts the trails ranging between easy, moderate, and difficult are sure to accommodate bike riders of all ages and levels of experience. The interior trails are more suited for younger children and family fun rides.


Trail Passes are Required to ride our trails. Trail passes are $10 per day, $75 for a season pass, $100 for a family pass and you must sign a waiver of liability.

Passes are available at Cyclova XC in St. Croix Falls.

The entrance of the driveway for the Mt. Biking trail head is on 235th St. between hwy. 87 and the Lone Maple School House.
Look for the Cyclova XC Parking signs.
Please be courteous and stay in the designated areas by following the Parking, Training Area, and Trail Head signs.
Located at the Mt. Biking trail head is the training area. This maintained area is for parking, socializing, and training.